¡Hello! I am Víctor Castillo

A Web Developer living in Europe, with more than 12 years of experience.

  • PHP, design patterns and frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter
  • Javascript, libraries like jQuery or frameworks like AngularJS
  • HTML and CSS with BEM and preprocessors like Sass and Less
  • Package managers like Composer or task managers like Gulp
  • Experience with virtual environments like Vagrant and Docker
  • Cloud computing platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure
  • Version control systems like GIT, SVN and tools like Jira, Gitlab
  • CMS's like Drupal 6-7-8, Wordpress, Magento and many others
  • Linux and experience managing Apache or Nginx web servers
  • Experience with relational databases, MySQL server, SQL, CLI
  • RESTful API implementation, external API services integration
  • E-commerce experience, payment gateway implementations
  • Semantics and understanding of design principles, UX and UI

For more information, write to contact@vcastillo.net.